One week in Ticino: The movie

On 16/03/2015, in blog, by Enzo

La Pioche 7b+ / Cresciano [Enzo]
Toccami Tutta 7a+ / Cresciano [Sanne + Barti]
La Boule stand 7c / Cresciano [Enzo]
Doctor Med Dent 7b+ / Chironico [Sanne]
Il Partner 7c / Cresciano [Enzo]
Komilator 7c / Chironico [Enzo]
Selection Door 7a / Chironico [Sanne + Barti]
Les Cliquês à Claques 7c / Chironico [Enzo]
Molonk 7c / Brione [Enzo]
Powerstrips 7b / Chironico [Chris + Sanne + Tabea]
La Boulette 7b / Cresciano [Tabea]
Doctor Crimp 7b+ / Chironico [Sanne]
Confession of a Crap Artist 7c / Chironico [Enzo]


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